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About Yegna Developers

Yegna Developers is the number one Digital Marketing Agency in Ethiopia and it’s proven by an international analyzer GTmetrix. It was found by Naod Yeshiwas in 2020. Some of our services are web hosting, website designing, mobile app development, motion and visual graphics designing, social media marketing and management, digital marketing and promotion. 


Our mission is to help companies become more successful
in the a digital world. We work with well-established companies in Ethiopia that are either willing to take their offline success online or to improve their current online presence to get more customers and build a memorable online brand.

Founder and Ceo

Naod Yeshiwas
Naod Yeshiwas — Founder & CEO.

Naod Yeshiwas is the Founder and CEO of Yegna Developers. He started Yegna Developers aiming to take Ethiopia to the next level of business and marketing world.

Professional computer programmer, mobile application developer, website designer, motion and visual graphics designer.

To take Ethiopia to the next level by providing top of technological development  and marketing system with high quality services.